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About Us

Baroni was founded in 1912 by three sisters who shared a passion for Florentine embroidery, one of them was Emanuela’s great-grand mother; Emanuela today creates the Baroni children collection and manages Baroni’s brand growth together with her husband Stefano and her daughter Irene.

During most of 1900’s our production was mainly on Florentine home linens and embroidered ladies’ nightgowns, in 1980 we opened our first boutique in the heart of Florence.

Today the our upscale children line is aimed at wearing children from 0 to 12 years and includes knitted fashion, booties, accessories newborn layette and ceremonial dresses. All our creations follow our long standing top quality tradition, aimed to customers who are looking for a truly refined and soft spoken elegance, shying away from loud brand recognition. 

We have two direct boutiques in Florence and we are well represented by upscale children boutiques who carry our collection in their stores both in Italy and abroad. If you are interested in carrying our collection in your store or e-store, do not hesitate to contact us.

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